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Frequently asked questions

How many guests can I accommodate?

(Our modular marquees can be linked together to meet your specific requirements):

28ft x 38ft marquee (up to 80 seated and 100 standing)

28ft x 28ft marquee (up to 40 seated and 60 standing)

20ft x 30ft marquee (up to 48 seated and 60 standing)

20ft x 20ft marquee (up to 32 seated and 40 standing)

Linked examples

2 x (38×28) marquees … ( 110 sat / 200 standing inc dancefloor and band area)

3x (38×28) marquees … (150 sat / 250 standing inc dancefloor / band  / bar areas)

Are they waterproof?

Yes the marquees are fully waterproof and flame retardant

How do the side walls attach?

The side walls fit snugly into the arches in the marquee. There is a cord that runs along the inside line of the arches and the side walls clip onto the cord. They can also be pegged to the ground if required

Do I pay extra for sidewalls?

No, we bring them as matter of course

Can I attach them myself?

If you choose later on to attach them they should take no longer than a couple of minutes each

How high are the arches?

Approximately 7-8 ft so provide plenty of head room for people entering and leaving the marquee.

Will I need matting?

It very much depends on the weather, the type of event and the condition of the grass. Most of our wedding customers order matting, but many of the less formal events that we cover work perfectly well without.

Are high heels ok with matting?

Yes. We use Dandy Dura matting which has a tight weave, making it heel friendly!

Can I decorate them myself?

You are more than welcome to decorate the marquees yourself, however we would request that use string where ever possible as opposed to tape when attaching decorative items to the marquees.

Do you organise heating and lighting?

Yes we can organise both heating and lighting and carry a stock of specialist, marquee-friendly equipment.

How much electricity do the lights use?

As an example, a set of six up-lighters draws approximately 3 amps. We provide circuit breakers and all we require is a standard plug point.

Do you hire toilets?

We are happy to advise on suitable toilet hire companies and toilet choices!

How many guests can I seat around a table?

As a general rule we recommend:

8-10 around a 5ft table

6-8 around a 4ft table

6 on a 6ft trestle table (plus one either end)

Can the marquees be set up on hard surfaces?

Our marquees require staking into the ground and therefore can only be set up on grassed areas.

When are the Marquees erected and dismantled?

Typically marquees are erected the day before the event and dismantled the day after. Additional hire time is possible by prior arrangement.

When should I cut the grass?

We recommend that you cut the grass a couple of days prior to the event to allow it to dry out.  Our aim is to erect the marquee on as dry a surface as possible to limit damage to the lawn. Don’t worry about the impact on your lawn – grass is resilient it will recover quickly after the event.

Can you suggest venues?

Yes, we are happy to recommend a selection of venues across south Wales where we have sited marquees in the past and worked with the venue owners.

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